Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cotton On - Rude staff, faulty fitting room

Quoted from SimplyMe

Lady experienced bad service from staff at Cotton On Tampines, wrote a letter to Cotton On (did not get a reply) and below is the extract of what happened, as she has wrote in the letter.

"The first issue I had was with the curtains of the changing room. The curtains could not close properly and the people outside could see me changing.

I asked my boyfriend to help me hold the curtains while I changed. However, one of your male staff insisted my boyfriend stand outside the changing room area.

However, your male staff could freely walk in and out of the changing room area. Then who is he to ask my boyfriend (who I trust 100 times more) to get out?

My boyfriend explained the reason why he wanted to stay and help me hold the curtain, but your staff just told him in an arrogant tone, “there are other females in the changing room.” It was very humiliating for my boyfriend.

 On a second occasion, after about 2 weeks from the first occasion, I visited the store with my sister when there was not many people in the store. I picked 4 clothings and my sister picked 1 and we went to the changing room area. There was a female staff tending the area and she rudely said, “Three pieces only”.

She was so rude, it seemed as if she can’t be bothered to even give me a proper answer. Then when my sister asked if we could share a room, she just said, “NO”. Do your staff know to apologise?

In addition to the rude responses, the staff don’t seem to be trained in saying the word “Excuse me”. They bumped into me at least twice by different people while I was standing at the entrance of the dressing room area."

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  1. So have you got any reply from cotton on management?

  2. once i was trying out clothes and apparently there were no staff attending the changing room. So i just went in to try my clothes. The changing room curtains are not very secure but i did not think anything would happen. While i was changing, i heard from outside, a mother speaking to her child:" I think there is no one inside,cos i hear no sound."
    The next moment, a child uses her finger to unhook the flimsy curtain while i was changing. The curtains were fabric and closes with only a hook.
    This happen in Cotton On, Pasir Ris.
    Hate Cotton ON seriously!