Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thank you, White Rabbit!

Sorry i haven't been updating this blog much despite some of you very kindly emailed me your good/ bad experiences with the service industry. I'd like to remind that i'd only put up information from original source (you blogged about it/ did a Facebook post about it/ tweeted about it etc).

This is so that i have a source to quote from and an identity for people to link this incident to. If i just post it up with no source it'd be as if it's my own experience. So thanks for the understanding if i can't put up your emails to me over the many months since this blog has started!

However, i'd still be more than glad to share your GOOD/ BAD experience with the service industry if you shared it on a blog/ on a public facebook update/ tweeted about it! Email me the link at qiutinger@gmail.com if you'd like to share it here! ^.^

Anyway this is a brand new post just for The White Rabbit @ Dempsey!

I'd like to thank their group manager Betty and manager Amos, for the help they rendered Josh (my bf, now fiance) for our proposal and dinner after.

I've read through their email exchange after the surprise proposal, and i could tell they were really happy for us and excited to have us there! Thank you!

And after the event, they also kept in touch to ensure we enjoyed that evening and asked for feedback to see how they can do better.

We don't have an answer to how they can do any better for now becox we are both still very grateful they helped out in the whole proposal! Amos especially was really "into it" and got into his role really well haha! Thank you!

Also, we'd like to thank them for preparing a super fulfilling and yummy dinner for us and our guests! The food was really great =) Thank you!

And me and Josh both really appreciate that you guys were so willing to help plan this even though it was quite last minute!

Thank you again, White Rabbit! We'd definitely make our way back soon with our friends and family!

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