Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Unhelpful and rude staff at The House @ Dempsey

The restaurant Josh (my bf, now fiance) previously decided on for the proposal was The House (Dempsey House).

He made a reservation for 12 over email and asked the person to give him a call for details as it's gonna be a event. Nobody called him thou they did confirm the reservation.

Then few days later he went down with his friend to have a meal and to check out the place again. He been there before with his other friends and saw a green house thingy at their outdoor area. And thought it'd be a nice place for the proposal to happen.

But on the day he was there again, he asked to book the green house for the reservation he had made. He explained the whole "proposal thing going on" to the lady and she say for that, he'd have to call this person name J. So she gave him the card. And then another staff in the restaurant called out "J!" to a guy and so Josh assume that is the guy he's supposed to speak to.

The lady say yes, that is J, and so Josh ask if she could get J to come over for a second. She went to call for him, came back and say "Sorry J's busy now, maybe later" Okay, fair enough. Thou Josh say he really really don't look busy and was just standing around, holding the menu up, browsing it and then put it back and then just stand around do nothing.

So when Josh is done with his meal he ask if he could speak to J again since J is just standing around. And the lady went to check with J, and she and come back and say J is not free today, if Josh want to talk, he gotta email J.


And the lady told Josh that on Saturday, there is an event in the afternoon at 2pm. So they cannot promise the green house. And that they'd only know if it's gonna be available in the evening on Saturday evening itself. So Josh ask if he can book it, so the guest at 2pm will just have to leave by 6pm plus, for our dinner at 7pm, cox it's for a proposal, he can't do last minute.

The lady say only J can decide. But J is unwilling to talk to him. So Josh left his business card and say he expect someone to call him by tomorrow noon. If not, they can cancel his reservation.

And at 4pm plus (buggers at The House don't understand what is BY noon =.=") the next day, someone from The House called and say they can only confirm if the green house will be available on Saturday evening itself and then Josh ask if there really is no way to work around it and the guy say nope, and Josh say it's okay then, he'd bring his proposal else where. The guy ask "But you still have a reservation for 12 that evening" Josh say "You can cancel that for me" The guy say "Okay then"


Uh-uh, you didn't!!! YOU DO NOT~ *ghetto head + finger swag* Lolol.

Now my proposal has you being a part of it and i am very generous with my words be it for good or for bad things so YOU WISH  YOU DID NOT HANG UP ON MY HUSBAND-TO-BE (lol).

What you should have said was "Sorry about this. Thank you for your understanding. We hope to serve you next time. Thank you. Thank you. Bye"


YOU (the fella on the phone) and J, both have to do some reflections on your service standard, please. Go face the wall. Pull your ears And reflect upon your poor service standard.

If you're so unwilling to help people for their special event, don't put up on your facebook page asking people to have their "Perfect dream wedding at The House" *rolleyes*

With people like J there, refusing to talk with their customers, and acting busy when obviously not, and some rude guy handling their calls, i'm sure everyone would love to hold their special events there ^.^ PLEASE PEOPLE, HOLD ALL YOUR EVENTS THERE, it'd be memorable, i'm sure!

J will not speak to you even when he's on the floor, and then he'd constantly avoid eye contact with you cox he knows you wanna speak to him, and then they will ignore all your request for special arrangement and then a rude staff will call you and STILL decide not to give you the assistant you need and then he'd finally hang up on you ^.^ It'd be perfect and unbelievable!

Post extracted from my proposal post HERE.

Since then someone has left a comment on The House Facebook page and Sophie shared the bad experience she had with The House too.

Fingers crossed people at The House will really look into it, and hopefully that will make a difference to the attitude their front line staff, manager and back-end staff have on SERVICE.

Read from bottom up. The staff at The House called their customer "bunch of bitches" and "fucking noisy" Well done, The House! =) There are many others replying me on Twitter about their unpleasant experiences at The House. It just hurts me, why a good place that serves good food, cannot serve people with good attitude. I sincerely wish they would do something and be better.

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