Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thank you, Fish&Co at Bugis Junction

Went out with Mich and Zhen the other day to pass them their Xmas presents and for dinner =D

We went to Fish n Co at Bugis Junction AND IT'S THE BEST CHOICE WE EVER MADE (for that evening at least haha).

First, we get greeted sincerely and warmly by a few of the staffs who are near us. And it's not just patronizing kind of greeting. It's the "Enthusiastically welcome you to join us this evening and let us serve you dinner and make you happy" kind of eye contact + smile + greet.

Not even exaggerating. I really think they place all the best, most polite, most passionate about good service staff in Fish n Co Bugis Junction outlet. Cox this is not the first time i experience good service there!!! The past few times, out of which, twice i written compliment letter to the staff. One in my own name, another for my sister.

You see those magazines on our table? The staff name Francis offered it to us after we made our order. He even asked if these were okay, if not he'd bring others.

*tears rolling down cheeks*

Yeah i don't visit posh restaurants much, but restaurants like Fish n Co, catering for general public, i gotta say they really top ALL of the restaurants in their league so far, service wise. Food wise, it's a given lah. With all those yummy and wide range of sauce they give out upon request, and fresh ingredients used, they're on the right track for sure.
Okay food came really fast that's one more plus point!

Anyway, i just wanna do a shout out to Fish n Co!!! Thank you!!! Thank you for hiring these staff! They really really made our evening =DDD

Francis and his colleagues has been really helpful and attentive! He'd come over our table and ask if we need any refill/ top up for our sauces/ iced water. And also few minutes after all the dishes are served, he took the initiative to ask if the food was alright. I wanna tell him, DOESN'T MATTER, YOUR GOOD SERVICE ALREADY WON 60% OF OUR HEARTS!!!!!!

This is how much good service matters. If you haven't already seen THIS BLOG that i set up, to point out the best and the worst of customer services in Singapore, you should =) I also share other bloggers' experiences there. Check it out okay! So far, V8 Cafe at Bugis Junction tops the rest =DDDD FOR BEING THE WORST *serious face*

Nope, i'd never let this go until that fucked up restaurant close down and stop traumatizing people. There was an incident where the ladyboss threw a hard object at one of her customers. It's juicy, you should read it. HERE!

If you wrote about a valid experience reasonably on your own blog, you're welcome to share it (good or bad!) on this blog!!! Just email me! =D
Thank you Fish n Co!!!

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