Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The WORST service attitude I have ever seen in an F&B Establishment (V8 Café @ Bugis Junction)

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"Problems started when another good friend of mine decided to join us at the café shortly after. She wanted to order food but no waitress attended to her despite the fact that she had raised her hand up for full 5 minutes. I noticed that the 2 waitresses were at the bar talking and drinking water and one of them had actually seen my friend waving her hand at her but was totally ignored. At the end, my friend went to the counter and got herself the menu. After looking through, my friend was ready to order but again she was ignored. When one of the waitresses finally walked over to our table, we had a short conversation as narrated below:

Me: “Miss, are we paying a 10% Service Charge in this café?”

Waitress (gave a black face): “Ya. Why?” 

Me: “So can you explain to me why is it that my friend has to get the menu at the counter herself when it has been observed that one of you actually saw her waving her hand but ignore her? Also, when she wanted to order, the same thing happens again?”

Waitress (shrugged and replied in an irritated tone): “SO do you want to order or not? We are busy down here now. Do you want to order NOW or not?”

Good Friend (in a neutral tone): “Where is your manager?”

Waitress: *Glared at my friend*

Me: “Go and get your manager here now.”

The manager (A Filipino lady) came to us, asking what had happened. After we gave our account, she apologized sincerely and told us that the 10% service charge would be waived off as an apology.

After everyone was done, we decided to head straight to the cashier for payment instead of having the bill sent to our table to make things easier for the tired staffs too. We made the wrong decision to do that because the ultimatum show of temper came from the lady in black at the cashier.

The conversation at the cashier as shown below:
Lady in black took out the receipt and placed it on the leather bill cover with a slap and throughout the whole time, she never look in our way at all.

Me: “Wait a minute. I’m sorry Miss, but I was told by your manager that the 10% service charge would be waived off?”

Lady in black glared at me and snatched the receipt away, punching at her cashier hard enough to crack the screen.

Me (Slightly irritated with her attitude): “Excuse me, are you the owner of this café?”

Lady in black ignored me for 5 seconds before replying the rudest reply I had ever heard in an F&B establishment.

Lady in black (Raising her voice by each second): “Since our service is not up to your standard here, DO NOT come and eat again. I do not welcome you here.”

All 4 of us were shocked at her reply to my simple question of whether she is the owner of this café!

Lady in black (gesturing madly at all of us): “I am only working here, but then again SO WHAT if I am the owner? WHAT do you intend to do?”

Me: “Look, it is a simple question. If you aren’t the owner, then you would have to check your rude attitude at customers because you are causing your boss to lose money. But if you are the owner, then you should know better than to snap at your customer for no apparent reason!”

Lady in black (still shouting): “YOU have caused me trouble because a few of my staff don’t want to work after the incident and I am already running on low manpower. You said that you were all in F&B industry before so all of you should know better than anyone else that this is how we deal with customers like you!”

Me: “That is your problem, aren’t ours. It is your issue that you have gotten an immature and untrained waitress on to floor service during dinner peak hours at downtown area. This would have happen with any other customers as well if your girl chose to snap at them instead.”

Lady in black repeatedly pointed at the bill to get my good friend to sign it while throwing verbal abuses at me; took it out of the cover and she did the next unexpected thing!

She took the pen-holder that was securing the bill to the cover and throw in my direction! 

Luckily she threw downwards so the holder only hit me by a bit at the side. By then, the diners near the cashier were too shocked to continue their food. I grabbed the bill cover just in case she got the notion to throw that at me too.

Lady in black: “Shut up! Settle your bill and get out of here! Or I am going to call police!”

Me: “You should call the police. I am not the one shouting, hurling abuses, throwing things and holding on to someone’s credit card.”

Lady in black: (Put the card on the table) Take it and get out of this place! Do not BLOCK my way! There are still people waiting for payment!

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