Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market @ Changi Point

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"Before I start typing this post out...
Before I've been to Changi Point branch...
Before everything that had happened on 26/11/2011 6pm...

I can swear by this, Manhattan food is awesome.

However, this is what happen..
Tell me which restaurant serves you with these utensils?!
.. At a restaurant, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
 I waited close to an hour for this. AN HOUR I repeat.

The food was alright except it was cold and soggy.

However, have you notice the different colour of batter in the above picture?

Same food item but two different colours. Oh, I meant two different OBVIOUS colours. Well, I think you can guess it. Needless me to say.

Creamy Chicken?

I went jaw-dropped after it been served on my table. This is what they served us. None of my friends or me have laid a finger on it. This is what it look like when sited on my table"

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  1. OMG! i went to this place last week! their service was HORRIBLE! I waited for an hr too for my food while my frens have already finished theirs!! When i approach them, they din eve apologise or whatnot!

  2. I was there last month and the quality of the utensils disgusted me. Not only that, the staff were clearly inefficient as the food I've ordered sat on the kitchen counter for a full 5 minutes before it was served to my table. By then, the food became cold. To sum it up, it was a horrible dining experience