Tuesday, December 6, 2011

V8 Cafe at Bugis Junction, I HOPE THIS FREE ADVERTISEMENT WILL HELP YOU EARN MORE MONEY =) Stop trying to earn by selling mayonnaise sauce.

My sister and her daughter went to V8 Cafe (they use to serve nicer food back then, like yearssss ago, their fish and chips was mainly why our family will visit this cafe but now their food suckballs, just my personal opinion). My sister visit pretty often, and have their loyalty/ VIP/ membership card whatever.

My niece will always order fish and chips, and fish and chips is served with one small saucer of mayonnaise sauce. And this time, my sister ordered lamb chop.

So my niece and my sister both finished the mayonnaise and asked for one more, which, was also finished lah. Don't judge okay. Both got french fries all, and i don't believe customers in a restaurant, paying restaurant-price, cannot choose what dip they want to eat their french fries and fish cutlet with.

So they asked for one more, which is technically the second serving they asked for becox the first mayonnaise was a given, with the fish and chips. So my niece walked up to one of the young lady server and asked if she could have one more mayonnaise sauce.

The lady told her "NO. You have to pay one dollar for mayonnaise sauce you know!"

So my niece walked back and tell my sister about it. And my sister was curious cox they dined there for many times, not all the times they asked for second serving of mayonnaise sauce, but when they do, nobody informed her of this $1 for mayonnaise sauce policy.

So she went to ask the server, if this is something new they practise.

The lady told my sister "This girl *point at my niece* ask for mayonnaise TWICE!"

So my sister said "This is not about the $1. I am asking you, if this is a new policy as before i asked for mayonnaise, i wasn't asked to pay $1"

She rolled her eyes and then walk to the manager to ask him to talk to my sister. They wanted to give free mayonnaise to my sister and niece after that. But my sister declined. The manager didn't apologise, he just offer in a way "So madam, i bring the mayonnaise to you for free?"

So my sister sent an online feedback form on their website.


She started with "HALLO. V8 ah. You got what problem? The mayonnaise sauce of course we must charge! We never increase our price over the years, we gave her one mayo, she still ask for one more, LIKE THIS HOW WE MAKE MONEY?!"

SO SPOKESPERSON FROM V8, you plan to make money from selling mayonnaise sauce now? THIS THAT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING?!?!? Is that why your food standard drop so drastically over the years? You're not motivated to earn small money is it? Nobody is forcing you to keep charging whatever price you are charging currently ah! WHY NOT INCREASE THE PRICE OF YOUR YUCKY FOOD THEN? =D

Increase it!!! Then maybe you won't have teenagers who visit your restaurant intending to pay $8.80 for your fish and chips..
This is from a girl who replied me on Twitter. They ask a simple question to the staff at V8 "Why so expensive huh?" Becox the girls honestly didn't notice the prices will be subjected to 10% service charge and 7% GST. So the fish and chips turned out to be $10.40 around there.

Instead of responding professionally with explanation, the staff asked the girls "You never eat in high class restaurant before huh?"

WOOOOOoOooOoooo. Congrats V8!!! This is truly high-class service!!!! Yes please increase your price to high-class price!!! I bet you will have tonnes of people willing to pay more for your great service and meh-ish food!

Please. If i order pork chop, and i ask for more sauce, it's probably becox i simply find the pork chop too dry! And i prefer to eat it with more sauce.

If it's truffle sauce, or even mushroom sauce, something that the chef needs to cook/ prepare, i understand, i'd pay for it.

But MAYONNAISE?! It should be like chili and ketchup, no?! In any case, this is not about the $1. It's about how the staff and the spokesperson handled the situation. The fact that the lady called my sister to yell at my sister over the phone, is disastrous.

I will never again step foot into that restaurant that serves meh-ish food, with staff and spokesperson all working a diva attitude. To think that last year my sister arranged for the whole family to celebrate my birthday there. I always knew their food taste normal, on par or below par food court standard but they charge slightly lesser than restaurants. Being so freaking mediocre as they are, i cannot comprehend why they would wanna throw such bad service stunts.

V8, you need to fan xing fan xing.

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  1. I only ate at v8 once and it was my last time!
    Not only is their service horrible, their food is equally horrendous!! I ate their v8 special and it was this weird stench and mix up of conflicting ingredients. It's as of their chef was an 8 year old playing around in the kitchen and then serving up expecting us to pay top dollar for his 'creation'!