Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank you, Lenas Cafe

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"Been visiting Lenas these few weeks made me feel alot better and I really feel like I have to blog about it to commend their service and food :)

The staff are efficient, they don't pretend not to see you. They take your orders politely, and don't show you face colour! If your food takes awhile to arrive, they will apologise when they send your food over (this happened when I was having pancakes today).

So generally, while their staff are not like super over enthusiastically friendly, they are polite and efficient, which is very good!

Also, there's this staff which I especially like to compliment!

If I'm not wrong, this lady is called Macon (stated on her name tag).

The first time I went to Lenas it was for the Bf's birthday lunch, and she was working there on that day. Although she didn't serve us exclusively, I think she was in charge of our bill for that meal.

The second time we went there, which was probably a few days after, she was working there as well, and she asked me whether I want to take the 15% student discount again, and when I offered to go back to my table and get the student card for her to see, she smiled at me and told me that it's okay, she remembered me from the last time (when I took the discount and showed her my student card). And so she just gave me the discount straightaway.

I mean, it's nice to be remembered ^^ But not only that, alot of staff working don't bother to give customers discounts if they don't ask for it! Plus she told me that she will give me the discount for the more expensive meal, when most places will discount your cheaper meal. She's super nice lor! If I'm not wrong she's probably a supervisor there or something :)

Anyway, in these past 2-3 weeks, I've been there about 4-5 times already. heheh.

And today I saw Macon working there again and she smiled at me in recognition even though she wasn't serving me.

Oh and during yesterday's meal of baked rice, we didn't even ask for the discount but they gave us the 15% discount without asking or anything. We checked the bill and we saw that they gave us a discount ^^ "

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